WELCOME to HERD GUARD Country you have found the hottest YEAR AROUND HERD Management and Livestock products on the market.

This is the feeding block that is the safe solution for your herds! Protein, minerals, vitamins, and a super attractant! 3 ways to feed your most common herds wild and domestic.

Remove intestinal abnormalities in order to create better blood flow in your herd this will produce 25% larger antlers, horns and bodies.  Feed Herd Guard for all your nutritional needs.






Whether you are a hunter, rancher, horse enthusiast, involved in competition or an outdoor person Herd Guard is working hard to develop new, unique, ALL-NATURAL products that WORK.
All of your livestock and wild animals will need that extra boost of nutrition to develop muscle, good blood flow, healthy joints and worm and parasite control along with offering a great jump start for younger animals. Be sure to choose Herd Guard for all of your farm needs.

The 25lb Deer Block and the 13lb Buck on a String are available at your local Walmart!
If it is not on the shelf please ask the store manager to order it through their LOCAL ASSORTMENT GUIDE or their Maurice Represenative.  See Listing -Here-
At Herd Guard we are committed to offering our customers affordable products that work.  We do not pay big sponsors/celebrities lots of money to endorse our products and then raise our cost to you the consumer to cover it. Instead we ask that our customers in return help us spread the word through testimonials!
Email testimonials to:  info@herdguard.com to be entered into monthly giveaways!
Dealers we want your business please contact the following distributors and tell them you want our products in your store!


The benefits of the featured ingredients have been known to farmers and hunters for many years. This is the first time it's been available combined with the supplements that all larger herding animals have always needed. Plus you can keep better track of where these HERDS will travel as they move through the normal grazing and mating patterns.
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 A feeding block to sit out in any location. A pasture tub that is easy to spot and maintain. Also an easy  BUCK-ON-A-STRING. Read the latest information about the real benefits on the frequently asked questions page (FAQ page) and the explanation in precise terms on the about/information page. Please read all about it! Easy to order online, soon to be in your local general store, sporting goods or other retail outlet. See the testimonials from other users. After you try it, please send us your feedback about how it maintained your herds health and production. Many users have already seen  very   noticeable results. Did we mention there is no waiting time on meat consumption? Just one of the many benefits from our NATURAL feeding block.



The Herd Guard Blocks are in my Professional opinion the finest deer attractant and mineral blocks ever produced for Whitetail Deer and Elk. Why? because the product not only speaks for itself when it comes to superb nutrition, but if growing big bucks are what you are after then look no farther, this is the finest block available on the market today! I should know, I am a World Renowned Whitetail Nutritionist in the business for over 25 years of growing Big Bucks and I use only the best and you should to.

Dr. Jimmy Steger
World Renowned Nutritionist
Host / Monster Trophy Whitetails TV

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We personally drop Equine blocks off at the Kentucky Horse Park for the Hall of champions Horses in support of the Retired Champs and they love them!



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DISCLAIMER: Any products that you purchase from Herd Guard will contain feed grade natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. Any uses other than those approved by the EPA, FDA, or USDA are strictly reports of what other people have reported or things we have experienced with natural ingredients. Information contained in our site is not intended to substitute for the advice of your veterinarian. You should use your judgment and discretion for all issues related to your animals' health. Research a variety of sources and use that information to make the best decision that you can.

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